Serious headphones for the serious prospector

Pro-Series Headphones

  • These headphones have been manufactured to our strict specifications by a leading aviation/communications manufacturer.

    With high impedance inserts, the pro-series offers very high sensitivity enabling the prospector to clearly hear signals.

    The pro-series features gel/foam filled ear pads and headband, a feature not previously available on prospecting headphones. These offer extreme comfort for extended periods of use.


    • 300 ohm impedance per channel
    • strong curly cord 
    • professional Amphenol connector
    • due to fully adjustable design, cord can be on left or right side for maximum comfort
    • wired in stereo to bring the best out of the sP01 Enhancer
    • ideal for use with any detector featuring a 6.35mm (1/4") socket ie Minelab SD, GP, GPX, GPZ series
    • perfect for the SDC2300 when combined with a Audio Adapter cable
    • Stainless Steel band and frame
    • High exterior noise rejection
    • Spare parts available if damage occurs - these headphones are designed to be a long term investment
  • High impedance headphones require more level to drive them efficiently.

    If you are not using an sP01 Enhancer, we can wire the headphones in a way that they will:

    • trigger the inbuilt amp in GPX series of detectors giving more level
    • have a lower impedance that does not require as much level to drive efficiently

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